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BeMedFree.com® - Natural Remedies From The Earth

Welcome to BeMedFree.com®, the home of natural remedies from the earth!

Some Startling Statistics

Before we talk about why we created BeMedFree.com®, let’s start by looking at some very sobering statistics:

  • two-thirds of American adults are overweight
  • over a quarter of adults now fall into the obese category
  • one in four Americans is now diabetic or pre-diabetic
  • in the last 20 years, the number of Americans suffering from at least three chronic illnesses has almost doubled
  • life expectancy has decreased, while infant mortality has increased
  • illnesses once considered rare – like heart disease, stroke, cancer, and Alzheimer’s disease – are now common
  • an “average” senior (i.e. 65 or older) adult living in the United States, fills more than 31 prescriptions per year, with those aged between 19 and 64 taking over 11 prescription drugs per year, while even children take an average of 4
  • half of all children in the US today (the most heavily-vaccinated children in the world, by the way) are chronically sick with allergies, asthma, learning disabilities, and other illnesses such as autism and epilepsy
  • prescription and over-the-counter drugs are now actually a leading cause of death in the country, resulting in more deaths than motor vehicle accidents
  • Americans spend twice as much on health care per capita than any other country in the world, but rank last among industrialized countries in terms of quality of care.

So What’s The Problem?

To a large degree, one word: chemicals!

Mankind today is being assaulted by chemicals wherever they turn, whether it be in the air we breathe, the water we drink, the food we eat, or the drugs and vaccines we put into our bodies, blindly trusting the manufacturers who tell us they are both safe and effective.

The truth is, most, if not all, of these chemicals have a long list of potential side-effects, from the mildly irritating to the serious and even fatal (and many of them are not nearly as effective as the claims would have you believe).

With a society that has been brainwashed into popping pills for every conceivable “ailment”, and a medical profession that largely treats the body as a series of discrete components, there is zero focus on holistic health, but the truth is, we are made up of a highly-complex set of interlocking parts, so if you upset one system, there is almost always a knock-on effect that cause problems with other systems too.

It’s no wonder that, in spite of all the money that people spend on “health care” (which is really sick care), they are less healthy than ever – more cancer, more auto-immune diseases, more learning and developmental problems, and so on.

And this applies to both humans and animals. Yes, even our pets are not safe from this chemical onslaught.

The problem is, you may not notice any health issues immediately, but over time, their effects are cumulative, and may be worsened when they are ingested in combination with other chemicals. (Remember, many drugs have not been adequately tested in isolation – hence all the drug recalls of products that were originally deemed “safe” – but you can practically guarantee they have not been tested at all in combination with other drugs.)

So What’s The Solution?

Although it’s getting harder and harder to opt for natural foods and natural health products, thanks to increasingly-restrictive policies and laws, shunning all these chemicals really is the only way to stay healthy. (A sensible exercise regime helps too, of course, but that’s a subject for another day.)

BeMedFree.com® is, therefore, our attempt to offer people such as yourself, who care about the well-being of both yourself and your pets, somewhere they can find natural solutions (e.g. herbal supplements) to a variety of health issues. We don’t believe in chemicals of any sort, and where possible, we try to go further than just being natural, we try to be organic too.

We practice what we preach, and we would never recommend anything to you if we weren’t prepared to use it ourselves.

This website has actually been around since 2006, but it is only recently that we decided to launch our own range of BeMedFree.com-branded products.

We have plans for many other products too, which will be added to the following list as and when they are launched. (If you wish to be notified when they are available, or to receive other product news, healthy eating tips, occasional discount coupons and surprise free gifts, then please sign up for our Newsletter.)

BeMedFree.com® Products

Products For Humans Products For Pets
Pure Green Coffee Bean Extract Liquid Glucosamine For Dogs & Cats
Pure Green Coffee Bean Extract Liquid Glucosamine For Dogs & Cats
Pastillas De Café Verde Ultimate Essential Mineral Supplement For Pets
Pastillas De Café Verde Ultimate Essential Mineral Supplement For Pets
Phytoceramides ParvoBuster Parvo Treatment & Prevention Kit
Phytoceramides ParvoBuster® Treatment & Prevention Kit
WYAU! Fair Trade Organic Coffee  
WYAU! Fair Trade Organic Coffee  
Yin Yang Plantable Necklace  
Yin Yang Plantable Necklace  


  1. I have been trying to find a place to buy cesium and potassium to help and treat my dog. Do you know where or the site to go? You can call me on my cell 951-260-9164 home 951-654-1503 thanks.

  2. Hi, im looking at your green coffie bean extract on amazon. I would like to know what the shipping charge to South Africa would be for 3 bottles.

    Kind Regards.
    Machel van Wyk.

    • Machel,

      Thanks for your question.

      We don’t offer shipping outside the US ourselves, and Amazon won’t ship it outside the US either, but we have tracked down a service that will do, for a reasonable fee: Shipito.com.

  3. I ordered the Liquid Glucosamine For Dogs and it says on the bottle to store in the fridge before and after opening. Thing is it was quite hot from being in a hot mail truck. Is there any danger to giving it after it getting hot like that?

    • Vernon,

      Firstly, many thanks for buying our BeMedFree.com Liquid Glucosamine For Dogs & Cats.

      Secondly, to address your question, then the fact it got a bit warm in transit is not a problem.

      Even though we use a minimum of preservatives in this formulation (there’s only one gram in a full 16 fl oz bottle), the shelf life is about two years, which will last longer than you need for even the smallest dog or cat at the recommended dosage.

      So, that means it’s NOT necessary to refrigerate it as soon as you receive it. It is best if you store it somewhere cool and dark, however, which is true of most natural supplements, and if you do wish to refrigerate it, then that’s fine too.

      (As an aside, some people have asked whether Amazon stores this type of product in a refrigerated unit before shipping. The answer is no, but with the shelf life stated above, and bearing in mind we only ever have smallish batches manufactured at any one time, this is not an issue.)

      After you’ve started giving this product to your pet, then you MUST refrigerate it. (And don’t forget to give it a good shake before using it, as we do NOT use anything like xanthan gum in this product either. Xanthan gum is a stabilizer which is primarily made from genetically-modified corn, and we will only sell GMO-Free products.)

      In terms of what we do, as we give this product to our own doggies every day too, we do put ours in the fridge as soon as we receive it. We buy in bulk (usually three bottles at a time) to make sure we always have supplies, as we have three largish dogs. Now, we understand that refrigerator space is often at a premium, but we still like to refrigerate as soon as we get it. Everything we buy is organic / natural, and therefore contains few preservatives, so it just seems sensible to us to make sure the product stays as fresh as possible, especially in the summer time when the temperatures here reach 100 degrees Fahrenheit and more.

      We hope this answers your question.

      Rae & Mark

  4. Thank you so much for such a fast reply. I can start my baby’s on it the same day I ask, again thank you.

    • Vernon,

      You’re welcome, and if you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. (There’s a Contact Us link at the bottom of the page.)

  5. Hi I’ve been trying to order the plantable yin yang necklace but it has become currently unavailable. I was wondering when this item would be coming back? I need to order it as a birthday present for my boyfriend. Thank you!

  6. Is your liquid glucosamine on Amazon listed for $25.93 per bottle safe for diabetic dogs? I believe it said sugar free?

  7. We just purchased your extra strength liquid glucosamine for our elderly cat. The product sounds so amazing that we were wondering if we could take it. If so, what dosage would you recommend for humans?

    I love your website and am looking forward to more products and info from your newsletters.

    Thanks much

    • Nancy,

      Many thanks for purchasing our Liquid Glucosamine For Dogs & Cats.

      As you will no doubt have seen on Amazon, we have many very satisfied customers who have seen amazing results with their dogs and cats, so we have no reason to expect your experience will be any different.

      As for us humans taking it, then yes, it is safe and it is effective – I (Mark) take it all the time after I had a really severe attack of gout a few months ago.

      In terms of dosage, I usually just take a swig from the bottle, but we realize that’s not very precise, so what we typically recommend, for adults, is one tablespoon in the morning and one in the afternoon / evening.

      I take it neat, but I believe it does have a strong flavour (which I don’t particularly notice as I suffer from anosmia), but you can always mix it with some fruit juice, for example.

      Anyway, we hope your cat benefits from our product and that you’ll feel able to leave a review on Amazon in due course, and in the meantime, please let us know if you have any questions. (We’d also love to see a photo of your kitty.)

      Best wishes,

      Rae & Mark
      Co-Founders, BeMedFree.com

  8. Hi there,

    We recently purchased your Extra Strength Glucosamine for Dogs & Cats for our 15-year old manx cat.
    Unfortunately, after giving him the first dose, we left the bottle on the counter a little over 24 hrs. (it needs to be refrigerated after opening)!
    After noticing this, I put the bottle immediately into the refrigerator, but haven’t used it since because I want to check with you all about it–is it still safe to use? It wasn’t terribly hot in the house, or sitting in the sun.

    Thank you for any/all help you can give concerning this question.

    • Tracy,

      Thanks for your question.

      If that were us (and we do give our BeMedFree.com Liquid Glucosamine to our own doggies every day), we wouldn’t be concerned, especially as it was only out of the fridge for a day.

      We only recommend refrigeration after opening (we refrigerate it when we receive it, even though this is not strictly necessary) because we use a minimum of preservatives in our formulation, which we try to keep as natural as possible, but now that you’ve put it in the fridge, you’ll be fine.

      We hope this allays any concerns you may have, but please feel free to get back to us if you have any follow-up questions.

  9. I have been buying the liquid glucosamine for dogs for awhile on amazon but was wondering if I could buy in bulk for a better price through you guys please EMAIL back and let me know how I can get a better deal on a bigger supply

    • Kathina,

      Thanks for getting in touch.

      We only sell our BeMedFree.com products via Amazon, but we do have a few options that will help you out:

      1. We now sell our Liquid Glucosamine For Dogs & Cats in a 32 fl. oz. bottle, which is much better value – $39.93 for 32 fl. oz. compared to $25.93 for 16 fl. oz.

      2. We’ve just created a special promotion, where if you add six of the larger bottles to your shopping cart, you will only be charged for five of them.

      3. If that would be too much, we also offer a 4-for-3 deal on the smaller 16 fl. oz. bottle of Liquid Glucosamine For Dogs & Cats – if you add four of these bottles to your shopping cart, you will only be charged for three of them.

      Finally, don’t forget we offer a 10% discount via a customer-only coupon code, but we can’t post it here. You’ll find it in the emails you received after purchasing our product on Amazon, but if you can’t find it, let us know and we’ll send it to you privately.

      If you have any other questions, please let us know.

      Best wishes,

      Rae & Mark


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